Timber Harvesting

If you own a small or large woodlot we have the resources to provide you with a well managed and harvested forest. Whether your woodlot is stocked with high value hardwood logs or low-grade pulp, we have relationships with many of the best mills and markets in the Northeast and the equipment to maximize the value of your timber. Crop farmers at heart, we know that careful management pays off in yields going out the farm gate and we bring that same attitude to the woods. We harvest lots from just a few acres to larger tracts that have hundreds of acres of woodland that have ongoing harvesting needs.

Harvesting services we provide include:

  • Selective cutting and thinning: a process where only certain trees are selected for removal in order to promote the growth of the remaining trees, similar to weeding a garden.
  • Clear-cut: a process where all trees are removed from the stand for reasons including: conversion to agricultural land, development, plantations that have reached full maturity, Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP) and view enhancement.
  • Whole Tree Harvesting – Traditional timber harvesting methods leave the brush and tree tops as well as the lowest grade trees in the woods. Whole tree harvesting removes, well, the whole tree and leaves a cleaner woodlot and is a practical way to utilize the lowest grade timber that may be otherwise unsaleable.
  • Quite often woodlots may utilize a combination of all three practices depending on the long term management plan. If you don’t currently have a management plan we can recommend a consulting forester to work with you to develop one.

Depending on the needs of a woodlot we work with other area contractors to complete jobs and bring all the resources we have to bear to get it done in an efficient manner. Let us know what goals you have for your piece of the Green Mountains and we’ll get there together. We are fully insured and will provide references and certificates of insurance upon request.

Professional Associations and Training:

  • Master Logger Certified -The Northeast Master Logger Certification Program offers third-party independent certification of logging companies’ harvesting practices. The certification system is built around standards that have been cross-referenced to all of the world’s major green certification systems.
  • LEAP Certified – Logger Education to Advance Professionalism. LEAP training requires initial certification and continuing education in areas that include safety, ethics, forest ecology, water quality protection and business planning, all to enhance the quality of loggers and the work they perform in Vermont’s forests.
  • SFI Certified – Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The SFI standard covers key values such as protection of biodiversity, species at risk and wildlife habitat; sustainable harvest levels; protection of water quality; and prompt regeneration.
  • Bick Professional Development Series
  • Game of Logging – Levels 1-4
  • American Loggers Council
  • Vermont Forest Products Association
  • Northeastern Loggers Association
  • Vermont Woodlands Association

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